Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time for swim team

Baseball is over and swim team is in full swing. The boys have already had 3 meets and are improving each week. It is really fun to watch their strokes and their competitiveness improve. Jack's favorite strokes are: butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle (like his mama). Ryan's favorite strokes are: backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle (like his Aunt Lori) :-)

Ryan is the only 6 & under swimmer to have swam all 4 strokes in 6 events at the last meet! It was a big undertaking since they haven't worked on butterfly yet this season...luckily after a quick on deck instruction from Mom, he remembered it from last summer. :-) He was such a complaints...just a lot of excitement about being included on the 8 & under medley and free relays! :-) The videos are from the 2nd meet...we forgot the camera at the last meet...but trust me, each week it is amazing how much their strokes improve - we almost don't recognize them by their strokes from week to week. :-) Ryan is usually in lane 2 in these videos (he has a black cap and bright green goggles). Jack has a black cap and blue goggles.


Lori said...

I'm so proud of you guys! I don't think I could swim an entire lap of butterfly!!! Great job boys.

Anonymous said...

Wow--incredible! You two guys are really getting better and better. We're very proud of you. --Nana

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