Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time for swim team

Baseball is over and swim team is in full swing. The boys have already had 3 meets and are improving each week. It is really fun to watch their strokes and their competitiveness improve. Jack's favorite strokes are: butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle (like his mama). Ryan's favorite strokes are: backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle (like his Aunt Lori) :-)

Ryan is the only 6 & under swimmer to have swam all 4 strokes in 6 events at the last meet! It was a big undertaking since they haven't worked on butterfly yet this season...luckily after a quick on deck instruction from Mom, he remembered it from last summer. :-) He was such a complaints...just a lot of excitement about being included on the 8 & under medley and free relays! :-) The videos are from the 2nd meet...we forgot the camera at the last meet...but trust me, each week it is amazing how much their strokes improve - we almost don't recognize them by their strokes from week to week. :-) Ryan is usually in lane 2 in these videos (he has a black cap and bright green goggles). Jack has a black cap and blue goggles.

Monday, April 26, 2010



So today Jack got his palette expander out and braces off. YIPEE....we hardly recognize him!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Y-athalon awards and rock climbing

Here are the boys on their hay bail podium along w/ a little rock climbing fun. Ryan, the little dare devil made it all the way to the top (green shirt) and was mad when we wouldn't let him go again! Jack wasn't so sure...he got about 8 ft up and thought that was good enough. :-)

YMCA Healthy Kids Day Y-athalon

So, the YMCA has a Y-athalon for kids once a year. This year, miraculously we didn't have a baseball game so the boys thought they'd like to try it. The Y-athalon is a swim and run event. For Ryan's age group, he had to swim 75yds (3 lengths of the pool) and then run 1/2 mile. For Jack, it was a 125 yd swim (5 lengths of the pool) and a 1/2 mile run. There were 10-15 kids in each of their age groups. I was very proud of both boys...they both swam freestyle the WHOLE way. We even encouraged them to "frog" swim part of it - but they both continued freestyle - with no stops! Unbelievable! Ryan was 2nd for kids who swam independently and 3rd overall for his age group. The lifeguards had to jump in to help pull a couple of kids on kickboards, who were not strong swimmers. And Jack took 1st place! His swim was awesome...he was first out of the pool! Unbelievable. They both felt very proud for finishing their first Y-athalon and for doing so well. They were given awards and got to stand on hay bail podiums. :-)


Just a really low key Easter this year. The boys were concerned about the bunny arriving - that they left him a cookie and a song. :-) The Easter bunny left some wonderful eggs in the yard for the boys to collect. Then we had brunch at Dove Mtn with G. Jim, Nana & Papa along w/another egg hunt at Nana's house.
Aunt Lori sent wax lips for Ryan - Zebra stripe gum for Jack (in preparation for his braces removal) and some candy lego bricks..which they enjoyed building with. :-)

April Fools

Ryan decided to go to school as his long, lost cousin Filipe. :-) Wow - do we have a future ahead of us! :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010


So, right before their first baseball game of the season, Jack breaks his foot AGAIN. He was playing tag on the carpeted stairs at Parks n Rec after school and twisted his foot and then landed on it. Just a hairline fracture, so the orthopedist gave him a removable boot to wear this time rather than a full cast. Thank goodness! Jack is still waiting to get back to the baseball field. We're planning for Monday, April 19th...sounds like a great day, eh...Lori! :-)

Here are some pictures of Ryan playing...such a big difference from last year. He's hitting the ball really well and his throwing has really improved. In this game he got to play catcher...the gear is bigger than he is. :-)